‘Natural habitat’ – Odcombe, Somerset UK

No trip to England would be complete without a visit to our old stomping ground to rekindle memories and show the children where we used to live. On limited time, it was impossible to see everything and catch up with everyone. However, the children do now have a sense of our old life in England.

Mr Travel Bee booked us an Airbnb in his home village of Odcombe (his, Nan’s and Master 15’s true ‘natural habitat’). Kent’s cottage in Lower Odcombe is a quaint, traditional terraced thatched cottage. Like most of the buildings in Odcombe and the surrounding villages, it is built with Hamstone, a beautiful warm honey coloured stone quarried from nearby Ham hill.

Kent’s cottage

Located only a few doors down from the pub, The Mason’s Arms, we were immersed in village life. Master 15 commented ‘you can literally step out the front door and get run over!’. The small ‘two up, two down’ cottage oozes character and is beautifully presented by it’s London based owners. Their attention to detail made our stay very comfortable.

Inside Kent’s cottage

Being ex locals, Mr Travel Bee and his Mum have greeted people on the street, found pictures of themselves in the pub, caught up with family and reminisced over times gone by. We have eaten in the pub, taken gentle strolls, walked the steep path up to Higher Odcombe and taken a look at the old family homes and the church yard.

Orchard path leading to Higher Odcombe
Odcombe church

The weather has been wet and cold, as to be expected at this time of the year. It rather reminded me of one of the main reasons we left! (Needless to say it is not my ‘natural habitat’, I was born for the beach!). Nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

Incidentally, something new that caught my eye and just incase any of you were wondering what has become of the old iconic red telephone boxes. In this new world of modern technology and mobile phones they have a new function…. housing the village defibrillator. What a brilliant idea!

Defibrillator Box

Unfortunately this portion of our trip has been very short and sweet. To those we didn’t get to see, we apologise. Hopefully next time.


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