Club 2/Canadian bath – Sahoro Hokkaido

For days 3 and 4, I have developed a new routine. I love it so much I might stick to it for our last two days.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have progressed to the Club 2 level. We are now doing wedge/parallel turns and working on our body movement. Today we even went up chair lift two!! I am super proud of how I have been going. I can control my speed (mostly) and turn ok, my movement up and down is getting better and honestly it is all feeling pretty good.

After skiing down my longest ever run today, we paused before a steep bit. Our instructor said ‘Ok guys, it is time to pick up a bit of speed, I know you can all do it and we need the speed to get across that flat at the bottom’.

I was terrified! At first my head said ‘no way, I will just go slow’, but then as I started downwards I realised the instructor was right. I relaxed into it, started to gain speed, turned a couple of times and then skimmed across the flat. It was so much fun!! I had a big grin on my face (not that anyone could see it under my neck warmer!!).

It really was a great morning, but dam does this skiing business hurt! My legs are aching and at times screaming at me to stop. My thighs burn as I turn and turn, wedging and wedging. My Achilles ache from the constant stretch in the boots. Several times I have thought to myself….. dam I should have trained for this. But, yesterday I found my solution.

Instead of skiing all day and getting jelly legs, I ski until lunch, enjoy a lovely meal and then head to the pool complex. Today, little miss 9 also accompanied me (she is exhausted). We jumped in the pool, swam a few laps, then played a little waterpolo. Then we went outside into the snow and into the Canadian bath (yes in our bathers).

There had been a little bit of snow this morning, but as we arrived in the tub, it started to really fall. I don’t know what temperature the tub actually is, but it is really very hot.

Imagine if you will, sitting in a hot, round, wooden tub, with your head out and snow falling. It was so weird, your body is so hot and your head and ears cold. In fact we had snow settling in our hair and on our noses. Miss 9 loved it and my aching legs loved it! It really is an awesome experience!

Canadian bath

Meanwhile, the boys were out on the slopes in the middle of a snow storm carving out their ‘c’ and ‘s’ turns. Both even making it up to the top of the gondola. Sounds like they had a great afternoon, but I know where I would rather be!!

This afternoon was at times a bit of a white out, so here’s hoping for another great morning tomorrow. Only two more skiing days (sad face).


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