Why aren’t you swimming?

Thank you my friend for asking me the question today.

You would think that by the ripe age of 41, I would know by now how vitally important it is for my brain. Yet, I get caught up and I forget. Forget the pure pleasure as I dive into the cool, clear water. The almost instant relief as my mind and body return home.

Finally after weeks of being out of the water, and a mounting anxiety level, I found some time this afternoon (but only because my friend reminded me). My husband and I ducked over to the pool and both felt so much better afterwards.

I even remember in the depths of year 12 a teacher asking me the very same question. Unsatisfied with my mumbled response and excuses of being too busy, he set me swimming as that night’s Physics homework.

In all those years I haven’t changed. Still thinking I am too busy but still knowing it is the only way to a sane mind.

If I can offer any advice….. even in the most stressful of times, taking time out to remind yourself of who you are, really is the best medicine.


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