Day 2 & 3 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I ……………

Had a friend over for a cup of tea. Lately I have been finding very little time for my friends. I am so caught up in work, family and sport that it is really difficult to fit in. But it shouldn’t be ….. it was so important for both of us.

Often I think I am the only one who is hanging on by the skin of my teeth to this wild parenting ride. It turns out I am not. We are all equally as over worked and exhausted as the next parent! I just wish I could find a way for us all to slow down and enjoy the ride because lord knows it will be over in a flash.

I also spent some time with music blaring through the house and wildly dancing. Yes it is true and yes it probably wasn’t pretty! I am very glad none of you actually got to witness that and I apologise if you live close enough to have heard my off key singing!! But man it was fun!

Yesterday was so busy that even if I had been tempted, there was no time for Facebook. With work, assembly items, soccer training and swimming PB challenges there was so much to watch and enjoy Facebook didn’t even enter my head until about 9pm. Easy.


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