Coffee and food – Melbourne

Before coming to Melbourne, I honestly thought we had good coffee where I live, that we were spoilt for cafes. I still think for a rural town we are, but this place is something else! How can the humble coffee bean be transformed in so many different ways?!!

I am a strict flat white, one a day drinker. I mostly drink coffee from the same cafe at home or blends from a local coffee roasting company. I didn’t realise I was restricting my palate or that coffee could be so varied.

I have had 4 since I have been here (last one tomorrow), each so different, but all equally as good. One slightly richer, another more bitter, one with fluffier milk, one that it was obvious milk was not the focus! All outstanding.

Then there is the world of food. I am amazed at the number of restaurants, cafes and takeaway outfits that line the streets here. There is food of all cultures and nationalities side by side. The choice is abundant and varied with a price range to match. It makes me wonder if any city dwellers cook at home at all because there really is little need!

Queen Victoria Market blows that theory out of the water though. My goodness the array of fresh ingredients on offer is huge from the fruit and vegetables to fish, meat, cheese and chocolate. The foodie is in heaven in this city. For us, the freshly cooked corn on the cob and hand made chocolate truffles was enough for some wide, happy smiles and satisfied tummies.

Today, we caught the City Sightseeing bus out to St Kilda. Even as the bus meandered through the suburbs the cafe scene was alive and strong. My goodness were we happy with our hot chocolates upon reaching our destination. We happened to be visiting St Kilda just as storm fronts began battering Victoria! We certainly didn’t see it at its best but I am sure St Kilda is beautiful in summer. Today, it was rather reminiscent of some UK beaches I have visited!

We squeezed in a spot of shopping this morning but tomorrow we have three hours to explore the shopping on offer before heading to the airport. All in all a very successful girls mini break!


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