Adult time

Last night my husband I went out!!! That’s right, we left the house in the evening on a week night. Not only that, we met other adults who were equally excited at the prospect of being out, enjoyed intelligent conversation (well most of it anyway!) and ate great food.

It was a friend’s birthday and I am so grateful for him having a big 0 birthday. The chances are, if it was any other number we would have all been at home in our PJs like any other ‘normal’ Wednesday night.

It was so nice for us all to have the opportunity to be ourselves not little Johnny’s parent or the homework Nazi or harassed working Mum. We got to talk about things we enjoy doing, aspirations, camping adventures (that part was highly amusing) and other holiday stories. Many of us didn’t know each other but that made it even better. A mutual friend was enough.

It got me thinking today, why on earth are we not doing it more often?! Having the chance to chat to other people in the same phase of life, under similar stresses and pressures makes you realise you are not alone in the challenges we face.

I think this should be a new part of my stress relief regime. My girlfriends and I used to do it regularly under the guise of ‘book club’ but fell out of the routine as it became too hard to find a night that suited everyone. But we all miss it and probably don’t realise how important it actually was.

So how do we find time in an already over scheduled life?!! Well for this particular event it was literally a case of planning two months in advance (Well done wife you did a good job).

So, I better get cracking on some planning. It feels wrong not having an actual reason like a birthday, but perhaps Mum and Dad’s sanity is reason enough.


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