Backing yourself

I just realised it has been 10 days since I last posted! That is possibly the longest hiatus since I started this blog. I even missed my blog’s birthday!! (which was the 3rd of May for anyone who is interested!). Happy birthday Stressaholics!!

So, why? What have I been doing to miss writing for so long….

Well, I have been very busy actually being content. Content with me and content with my life.

Yes, I have been enduring the usual onslaught of work, school projects, soccer, swimming, cooking and washing etc. But for some reason I have been going about it in a more relaxed fashion. Honestly, I can’t really tell you why but I think perhaps it is to do with my last post.

I actually admitted to myself last week that coaching is important, for me. Not just for the kids that I coach or because the club needs me to do it or because I feel obliged. I admitted that I love doing it. This changes things. For a long time I have felt that many of the things I do (swimming included) take too much time out of our precious family time or from ‘me’ time. I can now look at coaching as ‘me’ time. It is actually time out (verses just another thing on the list).

This realisation has coincided (not surprisingly) with a change in my coaching hours. I now do all my coaching early morning when I am fresh and when it has the least impact on the family. All because I told someone that is what I wanted!

Imagine…….. taking charge of what you want can be so beneficial!!

The other most interesting thing is…….. when people question why you do things and you are able to say; because I love it, I enjoy it and I am good at it, you have truly found a passion. If you can answer like that, the people who question you have no comeback other than ‘Good on you’ (this exact scenario cropped up for me this week). And all of that, is called ‘backing yourself’. It doesn’t matter that whatever it is, is weird to them if it isn’t to you.

There have been a few other examples this week.

My son changed his pathway a year or so ago with his sport. He gave up the stuff he wasn’t loving and he took up something he thought he would be good at. I questioned him!! (what an awful mother, it wasn’t that I doubted him, I just thought he should think it through properly so that he had no regrets). But, as it turns out, he had.

For the first time I have seen him really ‘back’ himself. He didn’t doubt his ability, he just went forward and gave it all he had. He knew the support network was there, but he also knew he could do it on his own. He is already reaping the rewards and I couldn’t be prouder. Not only is he getting amazing results, he is teaching me in the process not to listen to the doubters and about being comfortable in your own skin.

Another friend of mine posted on Facebook today that her and her husband hadn’t had a ‘date’ for a while. Today, they had some free time, so they went for a long run together along the coast. Now, for many (me included), the thought of a date involving running would sound like insanity and very unenjoyable, why would you do that? Wouldn’t you just go for lunch?

Well, if you knew this couple you would know it is because they love it. It is a joint passion, they love running, they love the coast and they love each other, why not do it together? So I say……  good on them. They were ‘backing’ themselves, enjoying each others company and content enough to tell all their friends. As it turns out, they did get coffee and cake afterwards which makes me feel slightly better about mine and my husband’s date choices!!








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