December Challenge Day 19

Such a great day. There really is nothing better than happy children (except perhaps happy, polite and grateful children……). Today was about having fun in the sun and a good waterslide is the best way I know how!

1. Something I learnt today: Kids roller coasters are really bad for adults. Small scale means high in jerks! Man I hope my neck recovers quickly from the whiplash.

2. Something I am grateful for: My wonderful travel friend. One of the most inspiring and strong women I know. Even when the kids are misbehaving and I am questioning my ability as a parent, she is the voice reminding me we all have days when they drive us mad. She offers practical ideas rather than criticism and shows me different ways to approach things. Like she says……we have to learn to pick our battles. We can’t do it all.

3. Something I want to improve: My indecisiveness. I often look at a decision, analyse it, consider the consequences and then try to work out the ‘best’ option.

When the kids are involved, this delay is seized as an opportunity to either whine or make the decision themselves. I just need to go with the first option that comes to mind and then back myself and my decision. Give them no opportunity to sway me.

‘No you can not have a bag of lollies.’


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