December Challenge Day 18

Pre Christmas fun! Country bumpkins in the big smoke.

1. Something I learnt today: Kookaburras call way past dusk. In fact it is 11pm and they are going for it, a whole chorus of them!! I love the sounds of a good Aussie camping ground.

2. Something I am grateful for: Great friends to share the excitement of Christmas with. We are on a two day adventure to the city to have some fun at a theme park and enjoy the Christmas lights. The kids are having a ball in each other’s company and I loved how the boys took on barbecue duties tonight. The mums are looking forward to a sneaky wine tomorrow night when there are no driving duties!

3. Something I want to improve: My ability to switch off. I am really bad with needing time to unwind before going to sleep. I wish I could just lie down and drift off. What I mean to say is, I need a way to shut my brain off quickly instead of over analysing the day! Instead, I beat myself about wasting precious sleep time and beat myself up about trivial things that happened during the day!! Double whammy.

I should be more like…..

Today was good. Who cares what went wrong. I am who I am. Sleep.


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