December Challenge Day 16

Lovely Sunday. Sleep in, gym workout, Christmas party, cuppa with a friend and some housework. Content children playing with new found friends.

1. What I learnt today: Today is indeed a new day.

2. Something I am grateful for: My first real Christmas Party of the season! Our work party was weeks and weeks ago, we attended a show. It felt nothing like Christmas, because it wasn’t! It was November. Our usual Carols by Candlelight was bypassed due to weather and 9 days out from the big day, I was beginning to think this year was going to be a fizzer.

Roll on the Christmas lunch for my husband and my chosen sporting club………. There were crackers, hats, jokes, presents, food, wine, a marriage announcement and a few things that involved blocking the kids ears. Something to do with raunchy calendars and auctioning of a pair of Mrs Claus’ knickers!

What it was, was good old fashioned fun. The kids protested going because they didn’t want to hang out with the ‘old’ people (it is a Masters club). As it turns out the ‘old’ people know how to have fun and how to get everyone smiling. They also know…… a well placed box of chocolates and the kids are sold!

3. What I want to improve: Allowing my son to wind me up. He knows exactly how to annoy me and I bite nearly every time. Time to start ignoring the less than desirable behaviour!


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