December Challenge Day 15

It seems that today all that mounting pressure I was feeling yesterday, came to a head with a mighty explosion. It turns out I was not the only one in our house feeling the tension build.

Along with the Christmas build up, there has been the bubbling end of primary school/start of high school anxiety. I think we possibly underestimated the emotion, insecurity and fatigue this time would bring. Team that with the parents modern day nemesis ‘Fortnite’ and you have a recipe for disaster!

1. What I learnt today: Walking the emotional tightrope means falling off the side at any given moment and…….. that is probably normal and to be expected.

2. What I am grateful for: In the middle of outbursts and the emotional pressure cooker, I snuck out the door and finished the Christmas shopping. Wahooooo it is done. Now to think about the food.

3. What I want to improve: The way my husband and I deal with the outbursts. We are poles apart and really need to find the middle ground.

Like a wise friend of mine said today…… ‘Some days are harder than others, but tomorrow is a new day’.


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