December Challenge Day 6

Loooonnnnggggg day today.

1. Something I learnt: A bad situation is mostly never caused by one person or action. It is more likely a combination of lots of small actions that leads to a disaster. The only way back, is lots of small steps in the right direction.

2. Something I am grateful for: This blog! I am really enjoying the journey it is taking me on. Making myself sit down and write every day is so far surprisingly easy and a great way to make myself fully aware of how I am feeling.

3. Something I want to improve: My brain is completely fried tonight. I really need to improve balance in my week. Yesterday I did very little and accomplished not much. Today, I coached two sessions of swimming, worked an 8 hour day, baked for the school party tomorrow and tried (not very well) to be a parent. No wonder I am exhausted. I need a bit of yesterday in today and a bit of today in yesterday!!


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