Let it go!

Sometimes we get so hung up on things that to others seem trivial. But, in the heat of the moment or even the heat of the well……. months, even years, it seems so important…….. to you.

No one can reason with you, no one can tell you you are being silly. It just is what it is, and it has control of you. The more people tell you to let it go, the more you grasp onto it!

And then….. one day, quite inexplicably it is done. You let it go.





It is!

It is time to live again.

There are so many opportunities out there.

Beauty, space, friends, family, travel, water, love, food, beach, trees.

Suddenly I realise, what we don’t have is time. It flies by in a flash. There is no time to waste being hung up on triviality. We must appreciate every moment and live like there is no tomorrow. No more wasting time!


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