Human spirit

If you ever need a demonstration of human spirit and determination, look no further than the Invictus Games………… ‘I AM’ ..…… what a fantastic motto for a fantastic event.

The entire concept is one of inclusion, self-worth, resilience and perseverance. The thing I love most about it, is the comradery, not only between team members but between the different countries competing. They know, no matter on which side they fought, they are all human and all doing their best to survive in a world that can be scary and sometimes downright evil.

Prince Harry I salute you. What a wonderful example you lead, not only for the people of the armed forces, but for our children learning about compassion and acceptance. During this trip to Australia, you have brought mental health to the fore, discussed issues many avoid and connected with people in the most natural and compassionate fashion.

Secretly, I have always been a royalist (I got that from my mother!) but this recent visit has furthered my respect for the royal family and the modern direction it is taking. Now, it is time for me to start listening to his message…….

I AM…………what?!!






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