Find your reset button!

Everyone has a reset button. Mine is the coast.

Today we spent a lovely day enjoying our local wonders. We were lucky enough to follow the progress of two humpback whales (we think a mother and calf) as they made their way down our small section of the coast. There was water spouting, fluking, breaching, lob-tailing and spying as they quite obviously had a good look at the boats around them. At one stage I swear one of them waved to us. You would think they were putting on a show especially for us.

All this from the beach! We were amazed by how close they came to shore. The kids were mesmerised. The volunteers counting the whale migration were mesmerised. The tourists were mesmerised as well as us locals. We were all in awe of these great colossal animals.

We hopped into the car and drove off down the road another few kilometres and watched them enter the next beautiful, blue bay of crystal clear water. We laughed at ourselves when we mistook a bird or a boat for a whale. We saw crabs, lizards, skinks, gannets, seagulls and ducks. We saw the world.

Fresh air, wind, water and a spectacular view. What better way to reset the mind. And boy did mine need resetting! Sometimes the mind is our biggest enemy. It criticises, it destroys confidence, it questions too much.

Get outside your head. Get into the great outdoors and live.


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