Day 5: The power of water – Niagara Falls

I have managed to find my words again today!

Arriving here in Niagara yesterday just blew my mind. Not only that…….. I had reached a point of exhaustion without noticing. My husband and I were on ‘high alert’ the whole time we were in New York. We were constantly watching the kids like a hawk, planning and negotiating. It is such an amazing city but, the pace was unlike anything I have come across (and I have done a fair amount of traveling).

I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute and really didn’t know that it was exhausting me, until we left. When we crossed the border into Canada, I realised straight away I felt more at home. The people are different and you can immediately sense the Commonwealth.

And then we saw this……

The shear enormity of the natural wonder in front of me, the last 5 days and a feeling of being more at home, lead to a crash then 10 hours sleep!!!

Today, feeling more rested, I was able to really feel the power of the water. For anyone who knows me, they know I possess a natural affinity to water. So, for me this place was always going to be emotional. One of my greatest loves, in it’s most spectacular forms.

As you come close you realise how small and insignificant we really are compared to the power of Mother Nature and my goodness is it beautiful.

Following our visit behind the falls, we announced the first surprise for the kids……….. we were to spend the afternoon in the Fallsview Waterpark!! (We have lots of little surprises along the way on this holiday). This was a little treat we planned for the kids, as we know they are not quite as appreciative as us, at traipsing around to look at tourists sites!!

Little did I realise the power of water would again be so important. Hitting the pool and some water slides was just like hitting a reset button in me. It was able to wash away the fatigue and reinstate my readiness to travel. This was also the perfect opportunity to split up into pairs and enjoy each other’s company as well as have small breaks from one another (because let’s face it, 6 days together 24/7 does take it’s toll!).

So again, thank you water…….. my friend and constant.


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