Spanish Stranger

Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you.

Late 2021 I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a Spanish girl looking for somewhere to live. Until this point we hadn’t really thought of renting our granny flat. However, when I read the ad, I was immediately drawn to her. I sent her a message and we welcomed this Spanish stranger into our home for coffee.

Although this may not be considered a random encounter (we didn’t bump into her in the street after all), the way in which we made the decision to host her was fairly random. We put our trust in her ability to describe herself in three sentences and we decided spur of the moment to open our home.

As it turns out, she went on to live in our flat for four exciting months. We loved her smile, her chats, her stories and her food. We met visitors from all around the world, rekindled our sense of adventure and were made to feel young again. She made us realise there are many different ways to travel.

She was the catalyst and inspiration behind these blogs;


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