December Challenge Day 29

An early blog today, but I am pretty sure today can’t get better than this!! After a crazy few days of Christmas excitement, two days work and today’s morning swim, it is time for some peace, quiet and appreciation.

Appreciation…….. of what I have and those around me, but also more importantly, appreciation of myself. It is time I started focusing on my own assets. Too often we focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves. We get bogged down in negativity instead of celebrating the positives.

So here I am, in my hammock, reading and appreciating.

In doing this I notice my first asset. My legs. These legs have carried me far and wide this year. They have walked me through the streets of New York, provided my outboard motor for swimming in several open water events, walked me up and down the pool for hours coaching kids, carried me back and forth to school and well actually I just like them. They are strong. They have a few weird spots on them, but they just make them unique and mine. So…….. I appreciate my legs.

The rest of my view. I appreciate the green! I have watched birds, butterflies, a plane, helicopter and a king skink while lying here. (Thought I might have needed my strong legs to run away from it for a moment, but he was not very interested in me or my legs!)

So two and half days left of 2018. It has been a tough year in many ways, but one that has taught me so much. Looking forward to a new start.


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