December Challenge Day 26

There it is…..12 days off, gone. I feel sad it is over so quick, but I also know I used my holidays wisely, enjoying lots of time with the kids and other family and friends. At least it is a relatively easy way to ease back in……only two days work until the weekend!!!

1. Something I learnt today: Time really does fly when you are having fun.

2. Something I am grateful for: Our little boat. It isn’t flash. It isn’t big. But, it is fun. All the kids had a great couple of hours out on the water today. The weather made for a bumpy ride in the biscuit, but that just added to the entertainment. Spills, thrills and plenty of smiles.

3. Something I want to improve: Nothing springs to mind today. I guess that means I am happy with where I am in this moment!


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