December Challenge Day 8

Take two, first attempt at today’s blog disappeared into the ether! Deep breath! Anyway, it is the weekend here in paradise!

  1. Something I learnt today: I get bored very easily and have difficulty with idle time(and I wonder why my children are the way the are). Apparently, according to my husband, and likely in a bid to prevent boredom, I engage in drama. It makes me feel like I have purpose and that I am helping. It is true, I admit it………… I want to fix things. I guess it is really a good trait, so long as I am careful to draw boundaries and make sure these pursuits don’t interfere with everything else in my life. Also I need to realise, some things are beyond one person. Sometimes it is not possible to fix it!!
  2. Something I am grateful for: Picture this scene and tell me how I could not feel grateful. The sun is setting over the ocean, an iconic jetty, an incredibility unique playground, a stage, good music, markets, food and friends. To top it off, and in the words of one of the dignitaries at tonight’s event  ‘what better noise this there than the sound of happy and content children?’. I know I have written about this before, but we really do live in an amazing place. Having travelled a significant amount I can honestly say there is nowhere else I would rather raise my kids. My husband was saying to some friends of ours only last night, that every time he goes to the waterfront he wants to take a photo, because even after living here for a decade, it still surprises him how beautiful it is. I also find that each time we go, I find something new to see, whether it is a dolphin, cloud formation, colour in the sky or bloom on a tree. Truly grateful.
  3. Something I want to improve: the boundary drawing. I guess it comes down to my ability to say NO and realising the impact of some of my endeavours. I think in the last few months I have made great progress in this area, but I still have a way to go yet.


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