December Challenge Day 2

Wow what an amazing day!!

  1. What I learnt today: I am actually not that bad at running (in very short distances)!! Turns out our transition time from swim to run in the Ironman was totally respectable. I am not saying it was good, just not too bad. I may not be able to walk for the next 2 weeks, but at least I looked the part today, so who cares!
  2. What I am grateful for: Swimming. A sport I have been involved in all my life, that has shown me all kinds of highs and lows, opened so many doors and given me life experiences I will never forget. There has been training, competing, coaching, travelling, blood, sweat and tears. Today, it again allowed me to be a part of an Ironman event. These events are an amazing experience and one that offers so much inspiration. Today, I saw people stand up after moments of heartache and despair, recover from gut wrenching mechanical problems and continue through the pain barrier to complete an event that is so gruelling. My own team suffered a horrible misfortune with a breakage on the bike, yet we came back and took out 3rd place, from tears to big smiles.
  3. Something I would like to improve: My little competitive streak, it isn’t really necessary. My husband and his team also had an amazing day, improving their time since they last competed in May. It really doesn’t matter that my team beat his……….. does it?!!! ;>) (Whoops I did it again!). Because they beat themselves and that is a huge win (I love you husband – well done on your significant PB).


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