The glorious foods of Roma – Italy

By the time we made it to Italy, I was feeling a little weary and completely incapable of blogging. We had been travelling for five weeks and whilst Rome is an amazing place to sightsee and to explore rich history, we had to take it easy.

Each day, we chose one sight to see and the rest of the day was all about enjoying Rome’s culinary delights. We spent hours wandering cobbled streets discovering delightful cafes, pizzerias and gelato shops.

Spoilt for choice, there was zero disappointment…..

Fungi Pizza – So simple but incredibly delicious with a thin crunchy base. Each bite was a sensation.
Tomato gnocchi (and four cheese gnocchi in the background) – presented in the pan it is cooked in, this gnocchi melted in your mouth. Little fluffy clouds in rich creamy sauces – yum!
Pesto Pasta – little worms of pure bliss, I loved every mouthful. Rich basil and olive oil flavour perfectly paired with roasted cherry tomatoes. Light in size but perfectly satisfying.
Cannelloni – a forgotten pasta but certainly back on my radar. Strong meaty flavours balanced with tomato and Parmesan cheese.
Tiramisu – a traditional Italian favourite. Ladyfingers dipped in coffee then covered in whipped mascarpone and cream. Perfecto.
Gelato – who doesn’t love gelato? A sweet and naughty treat. Perfect…even in the middle of winter!
Best coffee of the trip – Rome airport!