Food extravaganza – Sahoro Hokkaido

We have now arrived in Bangkok for the rest and recovery part of our holiday. But before I write anything about Bangkok, I feel I have missed something huge from Club Med Sahoro…… and that is the food.

We had never done an all inclusive family holiday before so we really had no idea what to expect. We thought, being in Japan, there would be sushi and sashimi and perhaps some tempura…… we had also heard about the snow crab.

We did not expect to be treated to an international food extravaganza!

Yes there was sushi… (plus sashimi, tempura, miso soup, Japanese fried chicken and Japanese curries)

Prawn Sushi
Japanese fried chicken

And there was Thai, Korean, Sri Lankan and Indian food.

Thai salmon salad

Then there was European food… French, Italian and Hungarian.

There were desserts of all varieties and influences. The presentation was immaculate. My daughter’s favourite was definitely the chocolate fountain! There is no photo of that though, because…….well it was a little embarrassing how she ended up! Something similar to a Vegemite grin.

But, without a doubt the most impressive food, both in presentation and taste, was snow crab night. Although, I am not usually one to go for crab, I figured with a food station so grand and imposing I had to give it a go and boy was it worth it. The meat so delicate and tasty, the dipping sauce setting it off perfectly. Definitely something not to be missed.

We thought we might get sick of sushi, but with the selection on offer, it was difficult to get sick of anything.


I have had to make a quick edit to this blog as I completely forgot to mention the selection of amazing cheeses and breads that we finished each evening with. Brie, Camembert, Blue cheese, Gouda etc. One of my favourite comments from little miss 9 this holiday was……. ‘Dad, I like Brie but I prefer the firmness of Camembert’. We were all in stitches. Looks like we have a cheese connoisseur on our hands!!

TTB (again)